First Released


Bulgy is a bad tempered and miserable double decker bus who has no scruples and has been known to tell lies. Needless to say, he gets along very well with Diesel.


Bulgy hated railways, and believed that some day they would all be replaced by roads. He even carried a poster on his side telling people to "JOIN THE ANTI-RAIL LEAGUE". His favourite phrase is "Free the roads!" Bulgy tried to steal Duck and Oliver's passengers by pretending to be a railway bus. Bulgy was determined to get the passengers to Tidmouth before Duck, but got stuck under a bridge after attempting to take a short cut. His lies were exposed, and soon "nobody would believe his destination boards". Eventually he was turned into a henhouse and placed near the bridge, now nicknamed "Bulgy's Bridge".

When Sir Topham Hatt had too many vacationers for the engines to take, he had Bulgy repaired. However, when Bulgy returned to his field for the night, the hens crept aboard while he was asleep, disrupting the passengers the next day. After that, Bulgy decided to become a vegetable bus with green paint, and enjoys his new job.


  • Normal (1993)